New Users

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Create your own WebSite:

  • Open your GMailTM webmail service account
  • Navigate to: and click on 'Create A Site'
  • Enter a new Site Name, Template, Theme, Description, Public/Private and the 'code-word'; then click 'Create'
  • If your Site Name is unique (not already existing) your new default site will appear
  • Your Site URL will look like:<your Site Name>/
How to find your new account:

Step 1:
  • Login to your your GMailTM webmail service account (the one you used when you created your web site)
Step 2:
Step 3:
  • Click on your site and use the on-line editing tools.
  • Be sure to click [Save] when page edits are done or you will lose all the edits.

How to start adding content:
  • Now that you have a WebSite created using Google SitesTM site building program, it's easy to build page content.
  • The on-line editing tools provide an easy way to write text, add photos, tables, etc.
    • Hint: Visit the How-To page for more page editing help
  • Everything in the editor is visual - What You See Is What You Get.
  • Just remember to click [Save] or all your changes will be lost.
How to change your site-wide Theme (appearance):
  • If you change your mind, and don't like the Theme you selected, you can change it.
    • Login to your site for editing and click the [More] button
    • Select [Edit Site Layout] and then 'hover' your mouse over the site area you want to change
    • Click the identified region and make your changes. The changes are instant and auto-saved.
    • Note: You can Enable/Disable the elements listed at the top: [Header] [Navigation] [SideBar] etc...
Just in Case ... How to delete your entire site:

Warning: Once you have created your site with your choice of a site name, if you delete the entire site, you will NOT be able to create a New Site using that SAME site name -- you will be required to use a New Name.

If you still wish to delete your entire site:
  • Click [More] button at the top of the page
  • Click on Manage Site, then, in the General option ...
  • Click the [Delete this Site] button and follow the instructions
If you need to recover a site you deleted:
  • You have 30 days (from the delete) to recover your site
  • Go to:
  • Then look for your deleted site name in you list of sites you own
  • Click on Recover Site