WebSite Backup

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Are your web pages protected from accidents? Back them up!
  • Your web site is constructed using on-line tools which are practical and easy to learn.
  • Data on your website is very secure but data recovery could be difficult.
  • Note that you are not generating the web pages on a local system where backup is easy.
  • Fortunately, there is a tool which can help -- DataLiberation.

Here's how to download your WebSite to your local computer:
  1. Download the DataLiberation Java application from the web.
    • Look for a file called something like 'google-sites-liberation-1.0.4.jar'
    • You must have
  2. Save the file to a convenient folder like C:\Web\DataLiberation
  3. Double-click (PC) the file to run the application. ( Note: You need Java 1.5 or later installed on your system. )
    • To check the Java version in WinXP and later: Start : Run : <type> cmd
    • In the DOS window that appears, <type> java -version
  4. You will see a small window appear titled 'Sites Import/Export'
  5. Fill-in the form as follows (use what's in BOLD):
    • Host:
    • Domain:   <Leave blank>
    • Webspace:   <your-site-name>   ( the BOLD part of )
    • Import/Export Revisions:   [X] Check the box
    • Username:   <your GMailTM webmail service address>   (the account used to create your site)
    • Password:   <your GMailTM webmail service password>
    • Choose Target Directory:
      • Click and browse for a place to save your backup files (there will be many sub-folders created)
      • Add a backup folder called something like 'Backup_<date>'
      • Click 'Ok'
  6. Click Export from Sites
  7. If you've entered everything correctly, the download will start.
  8. The listing will look something like:
Retrieving site data (this may take a few minutes).
Retrieved 20 entries.
Retrieved 40 entries.
Retrieved 60 entries.
Exporting page: Software.
... etc.
Downloading attachment: Image-01.jpg.
... etc.
Export complete.

Note: The files are 'readable' (not encoded or encrypted) though the formatting may not be friendly. However, they are all there and the directory structure is like the site they were copied from. Nothing's perfect, but this is a very reasonable means of backing up your work.