Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is free ?
A: Google SitesTM site building program WebSites are free! Unlike most commercial Web Hosting companies, GoogleTM search web page hosting is free. This site just shows you easy steps to create and build your own web site.

Q: How much space do I get ?
A: This is controlled by GoogleTM search but it presently set to 100 MB. The 'Manage Site' page of the online editor shows how much is left.

Q: Can I choose my own WebSite name ?
A: Yes! Your web site name must be unique, but the site creation process will help you with that. You can also choose your page header, title and content so the page reflects your interests.

Q: What is a URL and how is it assigned ?
A: A URL is your internet "address" -- and the pages all begin with "https://sites/google.com/site/TM". Finding unique names for every client WebSite is a very individual process so is your choice.

Q: But what if I want a unique URL that matches my specific interests ?
A: Your own registered Domain Name can be linked to your site! You must have a unique domain name to get your own URL. For example, a domain name of 'abc-tours.com' could provide a URL address of 'www.abc-tours.com' -- instead of 'https://sites/google.com/sites/TMabc-tours'.

Q: So, how do I find a domain name I can own ?
A: Go to the NameCheap.comTM web site and enter a name. There are many web sites which will check for name availability.

Q: Can I own my own domain name ?
A: Yes! Domain Name registration can be obtained through many registration services such as NameCheap.comTM.

Q: Who controls what I put on my site ?
A: You do! When you create your site, you become the owner and responsible for all content. But it's easy using the on-line tools.

Q: Do I have to learn how to program ?
A: No! The on-line editor and web tools let you do everything with a click of your mouse and ... typing content in the on-line editor. It's easy.

Q: How can I get people to visit my site ?
A: This is up to you and if others find your site content interesting to them. There is no magic formula, but a few things can help: 1) Provide information of interest to others, 2) use words and combinations of words that represent your site and 3) get others to give you a link to your site.

Q: What if my GMailTM personal webmail is separate from my GMailTM website webmail account ?
A: Login to both at once.
Login to one GMailTM account and open a GoogleTM search page, click on your login account name in the upper right corner, click on [Add Account] button and then login to your other account

Q: Can I get e-mail addresses for my site ?
A: Yes, IF you have registered an independent domain name like 'my_site.com' then the registrar can usually host e-mail addresses for a small fee.
A: No, IF you only have a free web site; GoogleTM search is the domain holder.

Q: Can I sell products or services on my site ?
A: Yes, assuming it is legal to sell those products.

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