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Hot-Air Balloon
Fiesta !
October 31st

It's that time again, for the 6AM spectacle in those crisp, fall, crystal clear blue skies. Early arrivals will have the best views and the thrill of watching the brilliant colors everywhere around you and feel the exhilaration from the roar of the flames.
  • Bring warm clothing, you'll need it !
  • Bring your own hot coffee and chocolate, you'll need it too !
  • Overnight camping is prohibited without advanced permit
  • Lawn chairs are allowed; just no lawn-chair balloon rides !
  • Bring your cameras ! It's the chance of a lifetime !
Here's the schedule:

 5:00am  6:00am  7:00am  8:00am  10:00am  12:00  3:00pm
 Gates Open

Note: Parking is limited, so arrive early !


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